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The Mysterious World of Whistler: Photography Edition

My Whistler Adventure.. During my time in Vancouver, I knew that I wanted to make the time to spend a day in Whistler. That being said – we did – and I am extremely grateful that we got the chance too. After visiting an array of 9 different destinations, Whistler turned out to be my ultimate dream. Mysterious with its elegant looking forestry, the heart of Whistler offered the most idyllic town with rustic looking shops and restaurants, and the absolute dream of a setting as a backdrop. Wandering the centre, it almost felt as if I was in a…

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Ultimate Beach Dress: Barbados Edition

The Ultimate Beach Dress: Barbados Edition On the final leg of our travels across Iceland, Canada and America – we visited the beautiful Barbados. Staying in the heart of Bridgetown, it had always been a childhood dream of mine to experience the Caribbean culture and epic scenery in which surrounds it. Before arriving in Barbados, I had researched into almost every aspect that the country had to offer – this including the weather. The Arrival By the time we made it to Bridgetown, it was the 11th of September, so it was around the time that hurricanes and storms were…

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