The Mysterious World of Whistler: Photography Edition

Camera Used: Canon 5D IV

My Whistler Adventure..

During my time in Vancouver, I knew that I wanted to make the time to spend a day in Whistler. That being said – we did – and I am extremely grateful that we got the chance too.

After visiting an array of 9 different destinations, Whistler turned out to be my ultimate dream.

Mysterious with its elegant looking forestry, the heart of Whistler offered the most idyllic town with rustic looking shops and restaurants, and the absolute dream of a setting as a backdrop.

Wandering the centre, it almost felt as if I was in a dream world. The town didn’t seem real, everything looked too perfect and something that you would find in a film – not real life. But it was. After visiting, Whistler now holds a very special place in my heart. Fond memories were captured there that I will treasure forever, and one day, I will hopefully visit again.

Camera Used: 5D IV

In terms of Photography and Film opportunities, Whistler was one of the best. Personally, I am much more of a scenic lover, in oppose to cityscapes so if I can capture the perfect lake or forest through my lens, I am more than happy. Luckily, Whistler gave me that opportunity over and over again.

Camera Used: Canon 5D IV

I felt completely at ease the entire time wandering the town. The people were friendly, and the surrounding areas were beautiful. Shops and restaurants had an array of different things to offer, and if you have children, the park was more than safe.

If you would like to see further posts taken at Whistler, please head over to my Instagram (@wherekatiewanders), where you can view some of the many images I took whilst spending time in Whistler.

Screenshot taken from @wherekatiewanders
Camera Used: Canon 5D IV
Screenshot taken from @wherekatiewanders
Camera Used: Canon 5D IV

Ultimate Beach Dress: Barbados Edition

The Ultimate Beach Dress: Barbados Edition

On the final leg of our travels across Iceland, Canada and America – we visited the beautiful Barbados. Staying in the heart of Bridgetown, it had always been a childhood dream of mine to experience the Caribbean culture and epic scenery in which surrounds it.

Before arriving in Barbados, I had researched into almost every aspect that the country had to offer – this including the weather.

The Arrival

By the time we made it to Bridgetown, it was the 11th of September, so it was around the time that hurricanes and storms were present within the area, meaning that we had 36 degree heat during the day, and treacherous rain at night. This didn’t bother me in the slightest, it just meant that I could wear the one dress I decided to bring with me that I was ever so desperate to take some photos in.

Before this trip, it had never been in my interests to purchase an item of clothing from Free People. This is simply because I have always felt that the clothing items they do offer, feature a boho style to them – obviously something that I can’t get much wear out of living in the UK.

However, I decided to treat myself for the purpose of the trip. I purchased the most beautiful maxi length dress, with a deep burgundy and cream floral pattern across the entirety of the dress. The style meant that the dress offered a low V neckline, and a long, floor-length skirt which captured the light and fell beautifully.

I didn’t actually purchase the dress from the Free People website, I decided to use ASOS, as they do stock a wide array of Free People items.

When the dress arrived, I instantly fell in love and I couldn’t wait to capture the most idyllic looking photos wearing it.

As you can see from the images featured, the dress is perfectly suitable for a beach holiday. Although the material is to the highest of qualities, it didn’t feel too heavy or warm to wear it during the evenings. Although long sleeved, the dress felt airy, due to the light and flowy skirt which fell and looked stunning against the sunset behind me.

After purchasing the dress, Free People has become a brand that I would love to delve and experiment further with. Although their styles may be more suited to a warmer climate, the quality and general style of the clothing pieces is stunning. I do not have an exact link to this dress on the ASOS Website as it was bought back in June of this year – however, ASOS do offer various different dresses with similar styles.

If you have any further questions on sizing, or the style of the dress – please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or private message me on my Instagram (wherekatiewanders), so we can have a chat.