Next Big Project

Our next big project.

The Falklands Film (aka Kippy)

… The name ‘Kippy’ is not by any means, final. It is a temporary nickname due to myself and the rest of my team being completely indecisive.

So, The Falklands Film.

Something that has been in the works for many months and as of next week, will finally go into Production.

Camera: Canon C300 Mark II

Next week, myself and my colleagues at Chandler Media will be shooting a short film set during the Falklands War. The film is based on true events, specifically the attack at Bluff Cove on 8th June 1982, and tells the story of a soldier whose moral compass and relationship with his best friend are tested after allied forces are attacked.

We are making the film to highlight the importance of helping soldiers re-adjust to civilian life, and how their sacrifices can still affect them when they return home. We feel this topic is hugely important but often forgotten about. While the film is based on one event, the message of the film is really to help everyone affected by warfare, be that family or friends, you or someone you know.


We hope to be able to partner with organisations that specialize in helping veterans re-adjust after warfare environments, and once we are finished, we would love for the film to be used to help charities and draw attention to this issue. This isn’t just for us to make a film for the sake of it; we want the project to have a real impact.


I have started ‘The Falklands Film Diaries’ to document the journey and process of the making of this film – as I not only think it will be great to look back on, but may interest some of my audience on Instagram.


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