Travel Guide: Vancouver, Canada

In August of last year, Myself and Jack took it upon ourselves to travel and experience as many locations as possible within the timescale of a month. The route we chose, a little odd and involved a huge amount of time spent in the air, but nevertheless it was incredible.

Life-changing in-fact.

To anyone that ever asks me a question with regards to travel, I will always encourage them to just do it. Save your money, do your research and book a ticket. There is no greater feeling than experiencing new people and cultures that you’d never of even dreamed of. I truly believe it shapes you as a person, and the memories and photos you will take – will without a doubt, be incredible.

This brings me on to discuss Canada. Vancouver specifically.

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After visiting Toronto, we caught a flight to Vancouver and spent a large amount of our time away, here. From the moment I left the airport and grabbed the train to central Vancouver, I fell completely head over heels in love with the city.

The people and city were lovely, but the scenery was what instantly drew me to this place.

I had spent a considerable amount of time researching into the best locations to hit whilst in Vancouver, like I do when travelling to all new countries, so I was aware of how beautiful Vancouver was, but seeing it was person was completely breath-taking.

I could ramble on all day about what I loved most, however if we are keeping this short and sweet – I wanted to discuss just a couple of my favourite moments spent in this wonderful place.


A.K.A The most beautiful place I have ever been, to this day.

I knew before I booked Vancouver, that I needed to visit Whistler. The forests, Lakes and Mountains looked to be quite frank, too good to be true – so I had to see and document them for myself and wow,

They did not disappoint.

Looking back, I would have definitely have taken a longer trip to Whistler, however, it is something I now know for the future, as I am already planning a trip back to Vancouver as soon as I can.

The easiest and most cost efficient way seemed to be to book through a travel company, and take a coach trip to Whistler. Although this isn’t the ideal way of travelling – I would recommend it if it is your first time travelling from Vancouver to Whistler. The journey wasn’t terrible and only lasted around two hours, and the surrounding views made the trip a lot easier and more enjoyable on the way up.

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Once we arrived, everything was easy.

The team that drove us to Whistler were extremely helpful and allowed us a certain amount of time to explore (around seven hours which was perfect), before we met back at the truck.

Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, is a four-season resort located in Canada’s Coast Mountains, north of Vancouver, holding the largest ski resort in North America. The views, and hikes surrounding the Mountain were completely breath-taking and rather than rushing for my camera, I found myself stood taking in the views, which was a really odd feeling for me.

As you can imagine, the scenery was stunning and for me, a massive factor was the Wildlife that was on offer in the forests. Black bears, hundreds of different types of birds, deer just to name a few. Something that I really loved about Whistler, was the fact that it reminded me so much of my home in The Lake District (obviously on a much bigger scale).

Camera: Canon 5D IV (
Edited with: Lightroom and Peter Mckinnon’s Preset in Red October (
Camera: Canon 5D IV (
Edited with: Lightroom and Peter Mckinnon’s Preset in North (

In a really weird way, I felt at home whilst I was there – and there aren’t many places in the world that I can I say, I would Happily move to – however, I could EASILY move to Whistler. In fact, it may or may not be on my bucket list..

Moving on to a slightly different side to Vancouver..

Whale Watching.

Being completely and utterly obsessed with Orca’s for as long as I can remember, I of course had already previously researched into Whale Watching companies that ticked all the boxes for me.

The first box, was that the trip would be worth the money in terms of the length of the trip. I understand completely that it is never guaranteed that you will see a Whale, as they are in their natural habitat and at the end of the day – you cannot predict what they will do or when you will see them. However, you are paying a large sum of money – and you want as much time as possible out at sea, and for the trip not to be rushed.

The second box was that the company would be safe and respectful of the surrounding wildlife – and not getting too close to the Whales. This is because so many people, and so many companies think it is acceptable to drive as close as possible to the Whales, disturbing them, and this can cause major issues when they are travelling in large groups (pods) or with their young.

A company that ticked both these boxes for me, was Prince of Whales.

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This trip was incredible, and something that I had been waiting for, for a very long time.

I was lucky enough to be able to view a large pod of six orcas, in their natural habitat. Happy and content. If anyone knows me well, you’ll know that the Orca and the whale species in general has always fascinated me – to the point that a personal life goal and dream of mine is to shoot a documentary surrounding the subject of marine captivity, very much in the style of Blackfish.

Orca’s travel in small groups (pods), and I was lucky enough to share an intimate moment with a matured male, group of females and a calf. Having only witnessed these incredible animals within the form of captivity and behind a glass screen, it was a very special moment for me to see these animals, wild and free.

This was the best way fo viewing these animals, so please think twice about purchasing a ticket to a corporation like Seaworld in the future. Take the time to wait and be patient, and I promise the few minutes of viewing these animals within their natural habitat, will be completely worth it. I strongly suggest you contacting Prince of Whales via their Instagram if you are interested in taking a Whale tour within Vancouver.

Camera: Canon 5D IV (
Edited with: Lightroom and Peter Mckinnon’s Preset in North (

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