Where To Eat: Amsterdam Edition

Camera Used: Canon 5D IV
Photograph Taken: Amsterdam
Food Provided by: SLÁ Amsterdam

During my time in Amsterdam, I was lucky enough to try variety of different foods, from a few different places within the City. After delving into some research, it became apparent that Amsterdam offered a large selection of Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants and cafes to explore.

Being Vegetarian, this really appealed to me – and I was excited to explore Amsterdam’s culture and food the most I could, in three days.


The image above, is one taken in the idyllic park in Amsterdam City Centre. It was my 20th birthday, the sun was shining and my spirits were high. After stumbling across a small cafe named ‘SLÁ’ – I thought it was worth a try of their huge variety of vegan foods. These delicious bowls were 100% Vegan, and tasted fantastic. When walking into the cafe, you are faced with an over-whelmingly large bar which offers bowls upon bowls of different salads, meat-free options and sauces. You simply go in stages, choosing your base to the bowl, your “meat” or protein and finally, your sauce.

Before choosing the vegetarian lifestyle, I wasn’t aware of simply how many options there were for vegan and vegetarian foods. Of course, everyone seems to think that all vegans and vegetarians nibble on is “rabbit food” – but this is just not the case.

If you are heading to Amsterdam in the fore sable future and fancy dabbling in some new and exciting flavours, please do head to SLÁ. I have left a link to their website at the bottom of the page, and also their Instagram page if you wish to follow them.


Camera Used: Canon 5D IV
Photograph Taken: Amsterdam
Food Provided By: REE7

The photo of sweet treats shown above, is taken at REE7. An idyllic cafe featured in the centre of Amsterdam. After seeing hundreds of photos online, and an Instagram filled with adventurous milkshakes and cakes, I knew I had to try out REE7.

Although not strictly vegan or vegetarian, this cafe offers a wide selection of foods, and the most amazing breakfasts you could imagine. I seem to remember scrolling through my Instagram feed and coming across REE7 and their ever so famous milkshakes. After searching further into where the cafe was and the food they sold, I was desperate to try.

Camera Used: Canon G7X
Photograph Taken: REE7, Amsterdam
Food Provided by: REE7

Ree7 describes itself as a cosy “lunch room”, situated next to “Jordaan”. The menu ranges from delicious sandwiches, to adventurous soups and salads (Yes, you can make a salad adventurous!). Whether you are with friends or family, REE7 advertises its self as the perfect location for a spot of lunch, or a hearty breakfast.

All cakes, and sweet treats are baked fresh, and a cosy table is awaiting you. I have to say, the entire time I was sat within REE7 – I felt at complete ease. The cafe is designed and made to make you feel at home, and it definitely achieves this.

Camera Used: Canon 5D IV
Photograph Taken: Amsterdam
Food Provided By: REE7

All in all, I had a wonderful experience in Amsterdam (travel post to come soon!), and the food was great. Both of these cafes are excellent, and I would highly recommend you visiting.

SLÁ – https://ilovesla.com/

Ree7 – http://ree7.nl/

Both cafes are featured on Instagram under the same name.


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